Levels & Schedule

We offer 3 levels with 6 h of classes. Please read the description to decide which level fits best. Due to overlaps it is not possible to attend more than one level (without a time turner :).

Baron and Baroness (Intermediate)

You’ve been dancing at least a year regularly in classes and socials. You already have quite a few figures like Circle and Swing out in your repertoire and are comfortable dancing them. You’re ready to work on style, musicality and want to improve your dancing in general. 

Count and Countess (Intermediate/Advanced)

You’ve been dancing Lindy Hop regularly for at least 2-3 years and you attended many classes and workshops. You enjoy dancing to a wide variety of tempi and rhythms. In your dancing, you have a good connection to your partner and the music. You have a big repertoire of movements and stylings and feel comfortable with your swingout.

Duke and Duchess (Advanced)

You have more than 4 years of swing dancing experience and spend a lot of your time on social dances and (international) dance camps. No matter which tempo or partner, you always have a strong connection to your partner and the music. You spice up your couple dance with many Solo Jazz elements. With this class you’re ready to challenge yourself in a fast paced workshop.


Schedule as an App

The Schedule is also available as an Android App, with some additional Features (e.g. Navigation to the Locations):


Apple sadly refused to take our App into the App Store for iPhones.
But there is also a Web-Version of the App: