Party (en)

The Party at Fast Feet Charlie 2023 features the Gramophoniacs and takes place at the Event Hall of Waldorfschule Karlsruhe.

Begin: 20:00
End: Late 🙂


The Gramophoniacs are a Saarbrücken band that came together in the haze of the Hochschule für Musik Saar, and since then has devoted itself entirely to swing music. In this form, the band exists since 2015, in recent years, the band has become a fixture in the region, especially in terms of Lindy Hop. For several years, the young musicians with a penchant for tweed suits have shaped numerous dance events in the southwest of the republic, as well as in neighboring countries with their very special sound. The repertoire includes all facets of swing music, from Dixieland to Blues, from old classics of the golden twenties to well-known jazz standards of the 40s to rocking dirty swing. Even though swing has a few years under its belt, every show of the Gramophoniacs is fresh and energetic.

Anyone who has already experienced a performance by the Gramophoniacs knows that the musicians‘ overflowing joy (which sometimes finds expression in ecstatic interjections) is guaranteed to keep any ballroom boiling into the morning. Nevertheless, nothing seems dusty, here is worked on the living object!


Freie Waldorfschule Karlsruhe
Neisser Str. 2, 76139 Karlsruhe
Haltestelle Glogauer Str. (Tram 4)
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Parking is available at the school parking lot in the north of the campus.