The Parties at Fast Feet Charlie 2024 take place at the Event Hall of Waldorfschule Karlsruhe.

Begin: 20:00
End: 02:00

Friday Party with the Killin’ Jivers

Dirty, cheeky and full of turmoil – that was the jazz culture of the 1930s and it can still be that today, as the Killin’ Jivers prove with their new record “The dream of day and night”.
This jazz is not just for listening to, but especially for dancing and laughing along to.
With role models such as “Slim and Slam” from jazz comedy and “The cats and the fiddle” from vocal street jazz, “The Killin’ Jivers” bring jazz back to the show stage without taking themselves too seriously.

In addition to their own compositions, the program includes numbers by Slim&Slam, The cats and the fiddle, Nat King Cole, Gershwin and others

Saturday Party with the Roaring Cats

The Roaring Cats are one of Europe’s most promising bands regarding swing and hot jazz. 

The tiny orchestra based in Amsterdam took the challenge of giving value and new significance to the roots of jazz. 

Their repertoire consists of original arrangements of the finest tunes by the top artists of the 30’s and 40’s. On top of that, they are presenting original compositions in style. Swell notes for hyperactive swing dancers and for sedentary drinking listeners.