Full Passes will be priced at 170€ each for 6 hours of classes and all (2) parties. Party-only Tickets will be sold starting on Wednesday, 13.03. at 20:00.

Reduced price at 150€ is available to Students and people with very low income. We hope to lower the barrier to entry this way, and trust you to decide yourself.
For the reduced price, enter the code STUDENT in the voucher-box at the bottom of the page before placing the item in the checkout basket.

If you register with a partner and are able to place both tickets in the basket, the spots will be yours (provided you complete the order in time). This means if you are both able to register separately, you also both have spots.

Any Ticket you can place in the checkout basket is reserved for you for 30 Minutes. If you do not complete the order in that time, it will be available for everyone again.

Payment: Please include the personalized payment code in your wire transfer. It will be shown to you after completing the order, and also sent to you by email. This code allows our system to automatically find and assign your payment to your order. If it is misspelled or missing, we have to assign it by hand, which can take longer.

Please do not print any tickets. We habe lists with names at the check-in.

We want to make it easy for dancers visiting Karlsruhe to find a host. Hosting dancers is a great way to get to know people from another city. If you would like to be hosted, or can host someone, please also add the „hosting“ option to your cart and answer the questions. We will then establish E-Mail contact for you to sort out the details.

Please read the Terms and Conditions.